The human body is highly complex and is made up of several organs each with a specific purpose, even the smallest of organs have been proven to be indispensable with the exception of the appendix. Among these important organs is the reproductive system of human beings which differs from males to females, how does it work and what is the function of the male reproductive system? The reproductive system is designed to produce reproductive cells and deposit them as close as possible to the female ovum.

The system is also designed for the passage of urine and is composed of several glands.

TESTICLES.The testicles are organs located outside the body, the pair hangs just below the body, to offer a lower temperature than that of the rest of the body.

This low temperature enables the pair to produce reproductive cell through meiosis. Unlike other body cells, cells in the testis divide twice to give 4 cells from each cell; the 4 cells are haploid.

These haploid cells are the ones that mature in the testicle and become known as sperms.

MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM (3)PROSTATE.The prostate is a gland that is in charge of producing seminal fluid.

Seminal fluid is the fluid in which the sperm swim, get energy and nutrients as they travel through the uterus and fallopian tubes.
SEMINAL VESICLE.The seminal vesicle is another organ that makes up the male reproductive system, it stores semen, a mixture of seminal fluid secreted by the prostate and sperm from the testicles.
BULBOURETHRAL GLAND.Bulbourethral gland is a less commonly known organ, it secretes a small amount of lubricating fluid prior to ejaculation known as pre-ejaculation or pre-cum fluid.
DUCTS.There are several ducts that enable movement of sperm and other fluids necessary for reproduction.

The epididymis is made up of two ducts that transport sperm from the testicles. The vas deferens are joined to the epididymis and transport sperm from testicles to the seminal vesicles for storage.

The ureters (right and left) transport urine from the bladder to the shaft of the penis.
PENIS.The penis is the most common organ associated with male reproduction, it is the organ that enables ejaculation and deposition of semen into the female reproductive system to ensure successive fertilization of the ovum. The penis also allows for excretion, it is the passageway for urine and it allows removal of toxins from the body.
What is the function of the male reproductive system? Well, just that, reproduction.

This system made up of several organs ensures continuity of generations and existence of the human species.
Like other systems, the male system should be taken care of by proper hygiene, proper health status by healthy eating and regular examinations to avoid failure of any of these important organs.