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Healthy Breakfast For Kids

Healthy Breakfast For Kids (1)

A good breakfast gives your kids the energy they need, so they concentrate on learning and playing without feeling hungry.

However, many parents are missing out, and not all can get the right components that make up a healthy breakfast for a kid.

With the many breakfast options out there, sometimes it’s difficult to choose one that’s best for your children and even the whole family.

To make your work easy, here are the three most important things you need to know.

  • Ingredients For A Good and Healthy Breakfast

For a kid, a healthy breakfast should be a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fat for keeping the energy levels steady throughout the morning.

However, you need to consider the age of your kid, so you pick the right option. What you give to a year old child is different from what’s best for a school going kid.

Milk, rice cereal, and fruit are okay for babies and toddlers but the school-going ones, options such as whole grain toast, oats, porridge, omelettes and natural yogurt among others are the best.

Remember that school-going ones need more energy for learning and playing.

  • Ideas To Encourage Kids That are Reluctant About Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast For Kids (3)Well, sometimes you are ready and willing to provide all that your kid requires but your child is a reluctant eater of breakfast and as a caring parent, you need to find ways of breaking such a bad habit that’s not healthy and tolerable.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help your kid build a healthy eating habit.

First, you need to prepare and sit to eat with them.

Make it a good one and enjoy it yourself, so they learn from you and enjoy it like you. Avoid serving them to eat alone. Give them company and encourage with inspiring stories.

Also, try getting them ready, so they get enough time to eat and not be worried about being late for school. If you do so on a daily basis, then your kids will be enjoying breakfast every time.

  • Why a Healthy Breakfast Is Very Vital

For kids, a healthy breakfast means better school attendance than those who skip it, healthy growth & development, active immunity and being emotionally healthy all the time.

For babies and toddlers, a good one means good health, faster growth, and resistance to diseases and illnesses common at their little age.

Indeed, a good breakfast is all they need, and you must ensure they get it by all means.Healthy Breakfast For Kids (2)

If they are poor eaters, help them end the habit.

In a nutshell, a health breakfast for kid is very vital for all the right reasons.

Never allow your lovely kids kick off their days without the proper diet.

They need the energy to handle their busy days and be healthy.

Signs And Symptoms Of Paragonimiasis

Most people have never heard of paragonimiasis and if you aren’t a fan of shellfish, you may even go through life without ever knowing what it is.

Signs And Symptoms Of Paragonimiasis (1)

This disease was only discovered in 1879 in Taiwan butt since then there have been numerous outbreaks throughout the world.

Paragonimiasis is caused by a parasitic flatworm know as paragonimus which is found in crab or crayfish.

When left untreated the paragonimus, which is also referred to as a lung fluke can travel to the central nervous system causing serious and sometimes irreversible damage.

Species of Paragonimus have largely been found in countries like China, The Philippines, and other Asian countries.

Some species have been found in Africa as well as South America.

  • Transmission

Humans get infected and develop paragonimiasis when they eat raw, pickled or partially cooked crab and crayfish.

The parasite is released after digestion and will migrate to the rest of the body, predominantly taking residence in the lungs.

It takes a month or 6 to 8 weeks for the larvae to mature into adults.

  • Signs and symptoms of paragonimiasis

Signs And Symptoms Of Paragonimiasis (1)About 20% of humans who ingest infected crustaceans remain asymptomatic but for most people the disease manifests itself by causing severe abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

As the larvae mature and find new ground in a person’s body symptoms like fever, persistent coughing that may produce a rust-colored sputum, chest pains, sweating, dyspnea and a general feeling of malaise.

Because of these symptoms many physics often misdiagnose this as tuberculosis. If the disease is not properly treated a person could start to exhibit advanced symptoms like hemoptysis (coughing of blood).

Other symptoms can occur as a result of the continued migration of young or mature flukes to organs other than the lungs.

Organs that might be severely affected are the liver, kidney, spleen, perineum, lymph nodes and the brain. There have been cases of cerebral paragonimiasis but it is rare.

Symptoms of paragonimiasis of the brain resemble those of meningitis but at an advanced phase, symptoms might include headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting and seizures.

Physical manifestations may also include:

· Clubbing of fingers

· Dry, persistent coughing which progresses from producing a rust colored sputum but sputum tinged with actual blood

· Abdominal masses

· Signs of pneumonia

· Blurred vision

· Sensory loss

Worse case scenarios include spinal involvement where paraplegia may occur or paresthesias ( a burning or prickly sensation which indicates an underlying neurological or nerve damage) of the lower extremities

  • Diagnosis and treatment

Paragonimus infection is diagnosed by analyzing the sputum or stool. If eggs or larvae are found then anti-parasitic treatment can be prescribed and administered.

There are other medications that may be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms but once the root cause is effectively dealt with, those symptoms will also disappear